Educational Furnitures

Space properties, interior design and materiality influence the effect on the individual senses: we see colour and brightness, we feel space dimension and materiality, we hear and smell the sound and smell of things and materials. Thus, the rooms have a big impact on the well-being of all people.

Children need spaces that touch their senses and encourage them to positive ac- tion and call. Facilities and materials that enable them to obtain broad experience through its spontaneity and desire to discover and purchase. Spatial Designing, ex- perimenting, researching, play and exercise, but also to relax and retreat, alone or jointly with others.

Educational Toys

Children are curious little explorers who want to discover the world with all their senses. When developing our products, we attach great importance to make these holistic experiences possible for children.

With our concept “Spaces to play & learn” there is a comprehensive overview of our product range. We show which development areas can be covered with which respective products.