Communication and language

Language permeates children’s actions – everywhere and at all times. Children sing, make up rhymes, ask questions, negotiate rules and listen enthralled as they enjoy bedtime stories. Language is the key that enables children to discover the world and is the motive force of childhood development..

Language competence is one of the key skills to personality development and one of the most important prerequisites for success at school and work. It is likewise equally important for social integration. Language is a tool that underpins all learning processes in life..

Language helps children realise their needs, feelings and thoughts. It enables them to discover and make sense of their immediate environment and understand what other people think and feel. Language helps children collect and sort information, it enables them to orientate themselves within their immediate environment and become part of that environment..

The acquisition of language competencies enables children to understand the world, play an active role in society and shape society.

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