Dusyma develops, manufactures and supplies educationally valuable play and learning material as well as room concept for children.

Dusyma is the most innovative designer of kindergardens and social institutions in the world.


The word Dusyma is abbreviation from:

Durchmesser (Diameter)

Symmetrie (Symmetry)

Maßstab (Measure/Scale)

  • We belong to the market leaders with an excellent industry image.
  • We distribute our products worldwide.
  • We offer educational play, learning and experience space concepts as well as individual solution oriented assistance on site.
  • We are experts for play and learning material to promote children’s development and set new standards with our Innovative product design.
  • We attach importance to various possible applications of our play materials.
  • We focus on the needs of our customers.
  • We have a fast responding service and an active quality management.
  • We completely Identify ourselves with our service and our company.

“We are trustworthy, loyal and respectful partner in all our relationships. The joint profit always has priority”

With partners we mean all customer, suppliers, companies, institutions, organizations, experts and advisors working with us. Our rules for dealing are clear.

Integrity, fair play and a complete targeted communication. Everyone takes responsibility for this.

We keep in contact with our partners to build and develop a basis of mutual trust This improves the exchange of experiences, promotes the quality of the results and provides for both parties planning reliability. We wish that all our co-operation partners are successful.

“We focus on the individual needs of our customers and help them to meet challenges.”

We are a modem family enterprise. An important value has always characterized us: Trust.

We have an open and continuous dialogue with our customers. Our attitude towards our customers is based on respectful and ethical principles.

The customer Is the centre of our works
We comply with his request for security, reliability and durability. Satisfaction of the customers is our primary business intention. With our products, offers and service we don’t only want to attract customers but we want to satisfy them in the long term.

Quality, durability, innovation, tradition – these are strong arguments speaking for Dusyma. But there is something else that leads to success: Dusyma gives a good feeling because Dusyma is a fascinating brand. Many positive associations are connected with it.

Accordingly our slogan is:

We want our children to find their way in the world of tomorrow and that they can help to shape it. With our product solutions we reveal in a playful way what is hidden in the child. Our products are child friendly, simple, clear, durable and attractive.

A measuring tool for the determination of mathematical and geometric relations. Inventor of this scale was our company founder Kurt Sehlffier (1896 – 1986).

As a versatile personality, endowed with special talents for engi-neering, mathematics, art, music and education, Kurt lehttfler founded the Dusyma workshops in Stuttgart – Bad Cannstatt on October 7th, 1925.

Here he manufactured the musical instrument called the “Mandolaute. (Stossellaute) which he also introduced in kindergartens.

During his visits the primitive and little child.oriented equipment of the facilities always burdened him. Therefore, Dusyma started soon to manufacture chairs, tables as well as play materials, too.

The sector of kindergarten designer was born.


Passionate customer proximity

We live close to our customers and know their needs. Through ongoing dialogue and exchange with them – at the facilities, at trade fairs and at congresses – we receive inspiration which inspires our product development or contributes to the further development of existing products.


Foresighted entrepreneurs

We continually deal with current trends and tendencies in all areas which are essential to us. The continuous cooperation and the exchange with experts and practitioners give us an open view and give us new impulses for different tasks.We live close to our customers and know their needs. Through ongoing dialogue and exchange with them – at the facilities, at trade fairs and at congresses – we receive inspiration which inspires our product development or contributes to the further development of existing products.


Inspiring, high-quality products

Our products are not only safe but also extremely durable and can be used in many different creative ways. They offer a pedagogical or didactic added value by providing a holistic support for the healthy and natural development of our children or encouraging and encouraging people with special needs of all ages. Working with our products is to become a joyous experience.


Holistic Competence

We offer our customers not only everything from a single source but also everything from a single source. Our customers benefit from our double expertise in furniture and interior design as well as for pedagogical and therapeutic products. It is our claim that furniture and play and / or therapeutic material correspond to each other and form a unity. This creates holistic concepts in which the space assumes the role of a “third educator”


International orientation

We are committed to our German production sites and the quality made in Germany. At the same time, we regard it as a measure to secure the future, to open up new markets and thus to exploit our opportunities in global competition. For us, the intercultural exchange and transfer of knowledge is the basis for an open world view and for an internationalization of our product development.


Creative innovation

Our thinking and action is open to social and technical changes. So we are committed to ongoing development and derive the power for real innovation. Our experts develop new products that incorporate current trends in a form that meets our particular pedagogic and didactic requirements.


Extreme commitment

We are visibly engaging beyond our entrepreneurial activities. In the social field, we maintain sponsorship and cooperation or support institutions and associations through donations in kind or sponsorship. We regularly implement our product development in the service of educational concepts, which we support in this way. Against politics, we represent educational interests.


Committed consultation

We are convinced that only individual customer-specific, holistic game, promotion and equipment concepts can be created which are tailored to the needs of our customers. That is why we advise each customer personally and on-site. As valuable consultants and dedicated consultants, we accompany them on an equal footing – from initial planning to assembly and beyond.

Product Highlight