Various stimulation for all the senses – with the experience of 90 years. Discover inspiring, valuable educational toys and high quality furniture from Dusyma and experience the thoughtful products, children, seniors and people promote with special needs in different ways

Choose Your theme world, in which we provide suitable games, learning and creative materials as well as furniture, equipment and toys and all important topics. Enjoy!

Our Mission – What do we see our mission?

We want to develop product and concepts that manufacture and supply the children holistically, inspire and strengthen their natural development – and the people with special actively promote needs or age limited limitations…

Educational Toys

Children are curious little explorers who want to discover the world with all their senses. When developing our products, we attach great importance to make these holistic experiences possible for children.

With our concept “Spaces to play & learn” there is a comprehensive overview of our product range. We show which development areas can be covered with which respective products.


Colour Coordinates

for an inviting room atmosphere

  • White and Natural
  • Red and Orange
  • Yellow
  • Light-Green
  • Dark-Green
  • Turquoise and Blue

Room Acoustics

Optimal acoustics for day care and schools

Noise burdens body and soul and influences the play and learning atmo- sphere in the rooms in many ways.

  • Our sound proofing elements reduce the reverberation time
  • Optimise the room acoustics
  • Creates a possibility for peaceful communication, concentrated work or relaxed reading and playing.
  • Contributes a great deal to health promoting “sound environment”.


Health promoting work conditions for teachers

  • Ergonomical correct sitting on child height seats and child height tables,  height adjustable teacher‘s chair
  • Alternative seating like the rocking chair support the dynamic, the back muscles and strengthen them.
  • Various changes in movement due to mobile stand – workplaces
  • Places to change nappies with steps as well as the central nappy changer and cloakrooms, benches for changing clothes, example cupboards make it possible for the children who are active in caring for their bodies to help in the changing rooms. At the same time the unnecessary lifting and carrying of children is avoided relieving the teachers‘ backs.